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The 34th General Meeting of the United Nations Turkish Association was held on the 25th of April at the Association office. In the election held, the experienced journalist Mr. Recep Güvelioğlu was selected unanimously as the president of the Association. Other board members elected are as follows: Mr. N.Sacit Somel, Mr. İsmet Çetin Bayhan, Mr. Murat Bekar, Mr. Nihat Bük and Mr. Mustafa Turhan.

Mr. Zeki Tüfekçioğlu and Mr. Fevzi Atalay were appointed as members of the Committee of Controllers; whereas the former president Mr. Rahmi Kumaş was elected as the Honarary President. The board of directors distiributed the tasks in the first meeting. Mr. 
N. Sacit SOMEL was appointed as vicepresident, Mr. İsmet Çetin BAYHAN was appointed as secretary general, Mr. Mustafa TURHAN was appointed as assistant general secreatry, Mr. Nihat BUK was appointed as publication advisor and Mr. Murat Bekar was appointed as the accountant.

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